RAQUEL Zonana (Mexico)

Raquel was born on February 5, 2018. At 8 months she wasn’t sitting unassisted, so we started physical therapy, everything else was perfectly fine. At 10 months she had a regression, she stopped rolling and started losing full head control, that led us to look for answers.

We went to Israel to have genetic testing made. After we came back to Mexico, before knowing her diagnosis, she had her major crash. 22 days at intensive care fighting for her life. 

Until now, she doesn’t have full head control, se doesn’t sit, walk or talk. She takes most of her food by her feeding tube.

She’s still the most happy and wonderful girl there is. She loves music and books. She babbles and laughs a lot. Enjoys hanging out with her family and other children.

We have faith and we hope that we’ll be witnesses of all kind of miracles.